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    Results: Field and analytical study to determine the current status of the building sector in Spain, with respect to training and energy efficiency analysing, among other aspects, the extent to which the national continuous training system can respond to the training needs, in terms of determining the existing courses in this field that do not form part of the national continuous training system, looking into the current status quo of the building sector regarding stock, energy consumption, renewable energies and their contribution, energy efficiency, determination of how many workers are engaged in these activities and examination of national policies and strategies available to reach the 2020 objectives and the contribution foreseen of the building sector.

    Products: Report on the national “status quo” analysis; Report on the “2020 Horizon” prospective analysis; “Status quo” executive visual report.



    Results: A space for work, discussion, reflection and dissemination, which will permit establishing a coherent, feasible and endorsed roadmap via the involvement of all the relevant players in the field of training and energy efficiency.

    Products: BUILD.UP Spain e_community



    Results: List of measures identified for inclusion in the roadmap; Plan of action for the implementation of the measures identified.

    Products: National qualification roadmap



    Results: Active participation of the relevant public and private institutions; Establishment of direct and effective communication channels with these institutions; Institutional validation of the items designed and commitment to adopt the roadmap.

    Products: Report on the endorsement activities; List of those responsible and links for the endorsement; Signature of the letter expressing adhesion to the roadmap.

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