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    Asociación de empresas constructoras de Ámbito Nacional (SEOPAN)

    SEOPAN is the Association of National Field Construction Companies in Spain, and it works as an observatory construction.

    The Association was founded in 1956 in order to represent and defend the interests of national builders who built Spanish American bases in Spain for the U.S. Army. That association was formed 32 companies, who alternated in the glitz of the presidency in the first years of history, until in 1966 he undertook an overhaul of the association, joining a team of independent management.

    From that year, he began to draw up annual reports of the construction in which they analyze the main indicators of construction sector, such as public demand, costs and material consumption, or moved by the employment sector. Throughout its history belonged to the Association about two hundred companies, of which today almost half gone.

    Currently, there are 32 companies associated construction, among which are the most active in the Spanish construction sector as well as the six large Spanish construction include Acciona, Dragados, Ferrovial, Grupo San José, Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas...

    Institute for Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE)

    The Institute for Diversification and Saving of Energy, IDAE, is an agency of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, through the Ministry of Energy, which oversees organically.

    Contribute to achieving the goals you have purchased our country in improving energy efficiency, renewable energy and other low carbon technologies is the strategic framework of its activity.

    In this sense, the IDEA conducts dissemination and training, technical assistance, program development and funding of specific projects of technological innovation and replicable nature. Also, the Institute leads an intense international activity under various European programs and cooperation with third countries.

    National Construction Federation (CNC)
    The National construction Federation (CNC) is the business organization dome of the building sector in Spain, comprising the vast majority of business organisations in this sector. Role in the project: Participation in the definition of technical aspects of the “national status quo”, Collaboration in the community Build.up Spain and Cooperation in the endorsement process in its scope of influence.

    BREEAM ES is operated in Spain by the Fundacion Instituto Technológico de Galicia under licence from BRE Global.

    Participation in the definition of technical aspects of the "National Status Quo" and collaboration in the Build.Up Skills Spain Community.

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