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    Energy training for builders

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    06-06-2012 |  Spain |  Spain
    To cover the training needs derived from the launch of the different strategies for the...
    17-09-2014 |  Poster_Roadmap |  Spain
    01-10-2013 |  Roadmap Adhesion letters II |  Spain
    01-10-2013 |  Roadmap Adhesion letters |  Spain
    01-10-2013 |  Build Up Skills Spain Press Releases |  Spain

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    BUILD UP Skills Spain is a European initiative within the program of the European Commission Intelligent Energy Europe, whose aim is to train construction workers in order to get skilled in EE and RE in the member states for the year 2020. Currently the project has completed the Status Quo Analysis, which has analyzed the status of the construction sector, with respect to the building with EE criteria and existing and necessary training in this field.Right now, we are working on the development of the Pillar II of the project.