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Project Outcomes


    To mobilize stakeholders in the energy, building and training fields. Actually, more than 50 experts have participated as a key informants in the project, coming from entities such as universities, building companies, employers associations, trade unions, architects and engineers experts on EE and RES, public bodies (IDAE, FTFE, SEPE, INCUAL), technological institutes, VET trainers and council technicians

    To show, from the diffusion of the project via different communication channels, the activities related to EE and RES, boosting that way the national platforms in this scope.

    To know and categorize exhaustively the current buildings stock with regard to their deficiencies in terms of energy which will allow developing actions strategies in one way or another.

    To know the skills gaps between the current situation and the needs for 2020 in this scope which will let to adapt well ahead the training offer



    To prioritize workers’ training needs on EE and RES

    To design actions (roadmap) in order to minimize the effects of the economic crisis that is slowing down the implementation of energy efficiency measures in buildings.

    To propose actions that aimed at optimizing the response of the VET system to react depending on workers and companies needs.

    To make highly visible the virtues of the energy restoration and raise awareness in the society about the particular and collective benefits that this kind of actions yield.

    To improve the coordination between key actors and proper authorities.



    Economic barriers: the economic crisis has paralyzed the private demand and there is no public funding.

    Administrative barriers: There is no a global policy on these issues but a disperse sum of regulations.

    Structural barriers of the field: The building industry is traditionally orientated to new buildings in Spain but not to improve the existing ones (lack of maintenance and refurbishment)

    Educational and cultural blockades: Low qualification of workers and low motivation of workers.



    BUILD UP SKILLS project can help to shift the existing debate between stakeholders at technician level to final building users and even to blue collar workers, because they often do not know the benefits that energy improvement in a building return for the first ones and the employment opportunities that may appear for the second ones.

    The project could be a good way to redirect the building activities towards a building industry more sustainable and with higher quality.

    To improve the competitiveness of workers and companies

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